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Amerigo Saddles

Our Amerigo Saddles are available in three different styles:

Amerigo saddles are used by top professionals all over the world, and in all possible disciplines. The knowledge gained over 20 years of designing top class saddles, has gone into the creation of the Amerigo saddle line.  A saddle line created for performance, developed to work with your horses’ natural biomechanics and optimise your horses’ true potential, and made individually in Italy from only the finest materials.

Amerigo’s comprehensive range of models are designed to accommodate the many different types of horses which we come across today. Not all horses are the same, and it’s not only the width of the saddle that matters, soundness does not only apply to the legs, as much care and attention should be paid to your choice of saddle and its fit. A strong and healthy back means that your horse will perform happily and to the best of its ability.

Fitting is of the utmost importance to me, and I have been educated and trained by Amerigo in all the details of the models and their fitting.

The Amerigo measuring system allows for a precise fit for all horses and riders with almost unlimited options and choices. Each saddle is individually created according to the needs of both horse and rider, as a finishing touch a brass nameplate can also be ordered.



Top quality naturally tanned leathers are used in all of our saddles and there is a choice of calfskin covered (pinerola or special) as well as printed or plain leather.

There are four different colour options of: Black, Brown, Oakbark (red/brown) & Newmarket. The Newmarket is only available in printed and plain leather, not printed.

Amerigo can now customise your saddle with coloured trim/stitching and nameplate’s.


Seat size

The Amerigo models are available in : 16.5,17,17.5,18 & 18.5 inches

The Vega’s are only available in: 16,17,18 inches


We can offer a wide range of anatomically shaped knee rolls which are also available with velcro fastening to enable you to swap and re-position them.

Saddle Flaps

The flaps are available in a variety of sizes, from short to extra long, as an authorised Amerigo retailer I am able to measure you as a rider and assess which parts need to be made to fit you, thus making you more comfortable and supported.

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