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Welcome to ProSaddles

Specialist Supply and Fit of Amerigo & Equipe Dressage and Jump Saddles

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About ProSaddles

Thank you for visiting Pro saddles Ltd, the trusted specialist supplier and fitter of Amerigo and Equipe dressage and jump saddles. Founded in 2013 by Sara Morrison, our objective has always been to be established as a trusted brand that looks after our client’s needs throughout the lifetime of their horses. Sara and ProSaddles believe in establishing long-term trusted partnerships with customers by not only delivering quality products but also a superior level of care and service. Sara is passionate about horses and delivering exceptional customer service to her clients. She has spent her entire working life to date working with horses.

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Amerigo Saddles

The perfect saddles for Dressade, Jump and Vega

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Equipe Saddles

Expect Saddle Fitting

We offer expert saddle fitting so you be assured that you will get the best fit for your new saddle.

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