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Extras & Fees

We offer a range of services to help you get the best from your existing or new saddle.

Saddle Fitting

A saddle will probably be the most expensive single item which you will buy for your horse so it is really important that the choice you make is guided by someone who has extensive knowledge and experience in fitting these brands.

We offer expert saddle fitting so you be assured that you will get the best fit for your new saddle.

Please note that I will only repair, alter and re flock Amerigo & Equipe saddles. For guide prices of Amerigo and Equipe saddles, please visit the product pages.

Saddle Check or Fit – From £75

If more than one horse needs checking on a yard then the cost’s break down to:

£50 call out divided between the number of owners, then £25 per horse.

Saddle Fit consists of me:

  • Travelling to you with my demo saddles, I measure, template and assess your horse’s condition

  • I assess which models and width’s are better suited to your horse’s shape.

  • I will narrow down the selection of saddles for you to try on your horse.

  • We will then find the model which suits him/her the best.

  • We assess whether we need to have one made to suit the horse’s requirements better, ie different girthing and flocking options.

  • I will then measure you as a rider to see if we need to adapt the flaps and blocks to fit you as well as the horse.

  • The saddle can then be ordered, depending on whether the measurements are standard or made to measure, they can take from 1 week for a stock saddle – 8 weeks for a made-to-measure.

Please note, I am with you for as long as this takes, there is no time limit or scale, you will have my undivided attention. Sometimes it is better for you if you can have a trainer with you on the day to give you a second opinion from the ground.

Note: If a new saddle is purchased then there is no saddle fit charge, but a non-refundable deposit will be taken on any orders made, to secure your saddle. 

Saddle Check – From £75

If more than one horse needs checking on a yard then the cost’s break down to:


£50 call out divided between the number of owners, then £25 per horse.


The pricing is as the saddle fit. Recommended saddle check is at least every six months, if you have had a new saddle from me then you are entitled to a free first check within the first three months, this is essential as the saddle will have softened and may need tweaking.


  • Assess the horses and condition, feeling for and soreness or tenderness.

  • New templates are taken to compare to the initial visit.

  • Ask questions on how the horse has been going, any problems or reluctance to do movements, and what improvements you have found.

  • See the saddle on the horse, check for balance and movement.

  • If there have been any problems, or soreness see the horse being ridden.

  • Take action on findings.

Reflocking ( Equalizing) – From £60

This consists of unstitching the panels, removing all the flock and making ‘as new’, the saddle has to be taken away to do this as it needs to be restitched.

Tree Alteration – From £250

It may be possible to have your saddle altered one width adjustment narrower and wider, any more than this the saddles have to be sent to Italy for a new head plate. In both cases, the saddle needs to be taken away as the adjustment must be done slowly and carefully and the panel restitched after precise measuring.

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